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If you are looking for a highly effective and enjoyable method to learn Spanish, we can satisfy all your Spanish language needs and accelerate your learning through personalized one on one instruction. We specialize in online Spanish instruction using various learning methods including video conferencing with Skype.

Concepts are immediately put into practice through speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Our learning environment is fun and supportive which facilitates your learning process.

Expert Spanish Teachers and Instruction

Our instructors teach Spanish as a profession at Spanish language schools in Guatemala and Peru, or are experienced independent teachers. They are native Spanish speakers and either have diplomas, certifications, or degrees in teaching Spanish language or linguistics, or have acquired numerous years of teaching experience through their working career. Students receive expert instruction with every lesson.

We use lesson plans and curriculums to provide level-appropriate instruction and exercises, and integrate them with conversational practice to deliver a comprehensive learning experience. The curriculum covers levels from absolute beginner to advanced; however, lessons can be customized to meet students’ needs. For example, some students are comfortable with Spanish grammar and just need to improve their speaking skills so they design their lessons to focus on conversation.

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You can study from anywhere with access to a computer and fast Internet connection. Our Spanish lessons are taught to students worldwide. Even if you move from place to place, or travel frequently, you can continue your lessons without interruption.

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Register now for a free trial lesson by creating an account (Register). To schedule and purchase additional lessons, please use our Online Scheduling System or email us at admin@sispanish.com or call (916) 990-3115.

Go Online With Skype

What's Skype?

Skype is an application used by millions of users worldwide to video conference, talk, text, and share documents over the internet with no charges or subscriptions. It’s safe, reliable and costs nothing! Many television and news programs use Skype to have their viewers call in via video conference.

Using Skype for Video Conferencing

At the pre-arranged time of your lesson, please make sure that you are online so that your Spanish teacher can initiate a call with you.

Setting Up Skype For Your Spanish Lessons

To get started with Skype, you will first need to establish an account, then set up your microphone, headphones (or loudspeakers), and web cam (if you have one). See below for detailed instructions:

1. If you do not already have the Skype application, please download it free from the Skype website.

2. Full details for setting up Skype are on the Skype website.

3. Skype's installation instructions include making a free test call so that you can ensure your headset and web camera are functioning properly.

4. As long as you set up an account with Skype and provide us with your user name so we can contact you, we can usually help you work through any issues.

5. Once set up, Skype can also be used for other purposes. You can use it to keep in touch with family, friends, or business colleagues.