How Does Online Learning Work?


We partner with Spanish language schools in Guatemala and Peru, and experienced independent teachers to provide high quality Spanish instruction. The teachers will initiate the lessons with the students at the arranged lesson time.

The first trial lesson is free and can be scheduled by setting up an account in our online scheduling system. After the trial lesson, additional lessons (55 minutes each) are purchased and scheduled through the same system. There are no other costs involved with the program. Payments are accepted via PayPal.

The teacher will send the material for each lesson and also assign homework if requested.

The Skype application is needed for the free video conferencing services, along with a webcam and/or headset.

Use Skype to learn Spanish online

See your teachers face to face online

How to begin your online Spanish lessons

1. Skype is needed for the free video conferencing services, along with a webcam and/or headset.

2. Ensure Skype is installed and configured for your audio and video.

3. Schedule your lesson.

4. Your teacher will send you a request via Skype to add you to his/her contact list. Please accept the request so that the teacher can communicate with you.

5. A confirmation email will be sent to you along with a reminder a day before the lesson. At the arranged time please be online in Skype and ready for our instructor to start the lesson.

6. During the class our teachers will email the lesson materials or may send a link via Skype chat.

7. The live video conference will begin and last for 55 minutes. This is a personal Spanish class but with a larger distance between the student and the teacher.

Rules and guidelines for students

If a lesson is interrupted for more than 10 minutes due to the fault of Sí Spanish or its staff, arrangements will be made to make up the lost time.

If a student is not available online for a class, the teacher will make every attempt to contact the student. The teacher will wait for 20 minutes after the appointment time before disconnecting and the student will be charged for the class.

A minimum of 18 hours advanced notice is required for cancelling a class. However, please contact us and we may be able to cancel a class without you being charged for it.

Students may be asked to work with another teacher if for some reason their regular teacher is unavailable for lessons.

The curriculum provided to the students shall remain the property of Sí Spanish and Máximo Nivel, our Spanish language school partner, and shall not be copied for use other than with Sí Spanish lessons.