Feedback from our clients

We strive to provide quality Spanish instruction. Here is what some of our customers have to say:

“I am a U.S. attorney practicing on the Mexican border and I had a need to improve upon my minimal high school Spanish. I signed up for lessons through Sí Spanish a couple of years ago and I found the Sí Spanish system to be ideal. Every lesson is customized to my level and my needs and I set the pace. I worked with Danitza, a native Spanish speaker in Cuzco, Peru. My teacher is a university graduate and amazingly intelligent. She maintains such a positive attitude that even though I am working on serious instruction, I look forward to my lessons as a highlight of my day. I highly recommend the Sí Spanish program.”

James B. – San Diego, California

“We are very satisfied customers and recommend the Sí Spanish service and our instructor Denyse. The service is effective, economical and has helped my son Robert improve his Spanish high school grades. Most importantly he appreciates Spanish more now through developing his knowledge and understanding of conversational Spanish provided in one-on-one sessions with an instructor. We have been customers for 1.5 years and will be for years to come.

From the father, Bill E. – Orlando, Florida

“I have been receiving tutoring for the over past year now and I have found major success. My grades have gotten better and I really enjoy this service. I plan on taking Spanish all four years of my high school career and Sí Spanish will help me get through it.

From the student, Robert E. – Orlando, Florida

"I took Spanish at the university and learned grammar fairly well; however, I never felt comfortable conversing in Spanish. I subsequently tried various methods to improve my Spanish including listening to audio files and CDs, using online services and software programs, and practicing exercises in books, but my conversation skills were still terrible and I lost interest in studying. It was not until I started taking one on one lessons with Sí Spanish teachers that my conversation skills improved significantly and I was able to comfortably utilize various forms of grammar together. The teachers are excellent and they have a way of creating fun, engaging lessons while providing instruction. I take lessons weekly to concentrate on conversation skills and I really enjoy working with multiple teachers to get exposure to different accents. Besides immersion, I found this to be the best method to learn and improve your Spanish. A big THANK YOU to all my Sí Spanish teachers !!"

Diane L. - Sacramento, California

"My professor was Tania and we had a fun, relaxing and informative time. I appreciated her natural ability and willingness to include my sons and wife in our daily conversations. Sometimes my sons would come into my room during my session. Tania would speak to them in Spanish and then work that conversation into my lesson. We laughed every session which made my lessons more like talking to a friend. I loved the scheduling process and the fee was great. I could easily work my classes into my budget. I highly recommend the program to anyone committed to learning a new language or refreshing their language skills. Dynamite experience !!!”

Robert – Maryland

"I am happy I found the Sí Spanish classes. They are a wonderful help as I study! I find it difficult to attend night school, and the easy access of the internet coupled with the competent and friendly teachers are a liberating force. The classes are fun and valuable to me."

Scott T. – Florida

"Denyse is a great teacher and I appreciate her efforts to assist me with becoming a better Spanish speaker"

Jason B. – Oregon

"Tania is a great teacher and I feel very lucky to have her. Thank you for the time and effort over the past year and a half."

Shannon – New Mexico

"Sí Spanish saved us when my children left their bilingual school in Miami to move to the Midwest. I thought their Spanish would be lost -- at 6 and 8 years old they were still developing conjugation skills and vocabulary. My boys take lessons twice-weekly from the same two teachers, Fernanda and Margarita and they have become like part of our family! The focused one-on-one attention their instruction provides has advanced my children’s skills and has kept them fluent. The lessons are structured far beyond simple conversation, yet dynamic enough to keep young children interested. Gracias Sí Spanish!"

Annalisa F. – Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin